Mischaracterization of Minnesota iron miners egregious, IMA president says

Posted October 13, 2017

Mischaracterization of Minnesota iron miners egregious, IMA president says

The Iron Mining Association of Minnesota (IMA) takes exception to recent comments made by anti-mining activists in a New York Times Magazine article insinuating miners and mining supporters in Minnesota are “resentful,” “do not know this world exists,” and “want somebody to just give them a job so they can drink beer with their buddies…not have to think about anything except punching a clock.”

The IMA is proud to represent thousands of thoughtful, hardworking men and women in Minnesota’s iron mines and 150 companies that supply goods and services to the mines.

“These folks work long hours regardless of weather conditions in order for Americans – even those who go out of their way to disparage them and their jobs – to have vehicles, infrastructure, appliances, and so many other things we use every day,” said IMA President Kelsey Johnson. “They take pride in their work, and we are grateful for them and the hard work they do.”

The mischaracterization of Minnesota iron miners, industry supporters, and students pursuing mining-related degrees made by the activists quoted in the New York Times Magazine piece is egregious, Johnson said.

“These are dedicated, responsible, innovative people who certainly ‘know this world exists’ and work every day – including in their spare time – to make our world a better place.” she said, pointing out recent fundraising and relief efforts by iron miners and others who work in the industry to aid those affected by recent hurricanes.