Minnesota remains a leader in mining

Posted February 1, 2017

Minnesota remains a leader in mining

The U.S. Geological Survey this week released its annual Mineral Commodity Summaries Report, naming Minnesota as the fifth largest mineral producer in the United States.

The report said Minnesota mined $3.27 billion in minerals in the past year, including iron ore, sand, gravel, and stone.

Nationwide, 40.8 million tons of iron ore were produced in 2016 – all from Minnesota and Michigan. This production number is in decline from previous years, though Iron Mining Association President Kelsey Johnson notes the industry is showing signs of an upswing, and Minnesota’s ranking in mineral production is a clear sign of the importance of the state’s iron mining industry on the state and national economy.

“Despite the difficulties Minnesota’s iron mining industry has faced with global competition and increased costs in 2016, Minnesota remains a leading mining state,” Johnson said. “It’s clear that our iron mining industry remains a vital piece of the state and national economy and is a leader in mining.”