Malton Electric witnesses 25 years of Iron Mining Association growth

Posted July 31, 2017

Malton Electric witnesses 25 years of Iron Mining Association growth

VIRGINIA, MINN. –  The Iron Mining Association of MN (IMA) celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The association represents Minnesota’s iron mines and more than 100 businesses that supply goods and services to the industry.

Its predecessor, the Lake Superior Industrial Bureau was steered by mining managers, but Bob Bozich of Malton Electric and others on the Lignite Council in North Dakota appreciated the added value of vendor members in that group and encouraged the IMA to do the same when the new association was founded in 1992.

Bozich, of Virginia, Minn., was one of 11 founding vendor members chosen to serve on the IMA board 25 years ago and says the expanded association has brought the broader business community a better understanding of the issues facing the industry.

“It has provided an opportunity for vendors to communicate to the legislators and community leaders the overall importance of their businesses on the local economy,” Bozich said. “The IMA’s many committees, including public information, have generated an awareness of the impact of all payrolls, including vendor payrolls, on the community and school districts.”

The IMA and its members have expended time and funding to support expanded communications on the issues of taxation, regulation, and other issues facing the industry that have benefited Malton Electric, Bozich added.

Malton Electric has been operating for 70 years and has expanded its facilities, equipment, and professional services as a distributor of motors and related industrial equipment, including the latest technology in motor control. Malton exceeds industry standards for efficiency and service and provides factory authorized support and service for manufacturers including Siemens, ABB, GE, and Toshiba.

“Malton distributes and services industrial motors and related equipment to all of the area mines which make up a significant portion of our business,” Bozich said. “Malton’s close proximity to its customers enables our facilities and personnel to participate in expanding knowledge of motor maintenance.”

This year, the IMA also expanded to include businesses and individuals not directly connected to iron mining but who want to show their support for this vital Minnesota industry.