Judge dismisses U.S. Steel’s call for ban on Chinese steel

Posted November 18, 2016

Judge dismisses U.S. Steel’s call for ban on Chinese steel

by Joseph S Pete, Northwest Indiana TImes

An administrative law judge has dismissed U.S. Steel’s Section 337 case that called for a total ban on Chinese steel imports.

U.S. Steel wants all Chinese steel imports banned, claiming China’s steelmakers have fixed prices, ducked tariffs and stolen trade secrets. Judge Dee Lord with the International Trade Commission ruled the company cannot pursue an antitrust case through Section 337, the federal code that allows for investigations into unfair trade practices.

“United States Steel Corporation is shocked and disappointed by ALJ Lord’s Order No. 38, granting the Chinese respondents’ motion to terminate the antitrust claims in the historic 337 case,” U.S. Steel spokeswoman Sarah Cassella said. “This case was filed in April, initiated in May, with discovery ongoing for months now including the retention and identification of experts. Six months after the ITC unanimously decided to initiate this case, including the antitrust claim, ALJ Lord has taken an unusual turn. We are reviewing the Order and assessing our options, including petitioning the ITC for review.”

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