Iron Mining Association

Minnesota iron mining-our communities, state and nation depend on it.

We Support Mining. Mining Supports Us

"We Support Mining. Mining Supports Us™." is part of the IMA’s media campaign to promote iron mining and help increase public understanding of iron mining and its positive impact on the economy and people of Minnesota.

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The Iron Mining Association of Minnesota's (IMA) mission is to promote an iron ore industry that will provide long-term growth and prosperity for all stakeholders through profitability in a competitive, global market.

The membership is made up of the eight iron ore mines in northeast Minnesota that are capable of producing over 40 million tons of taconite annually from Minnesota’s iron ore deposits. The trade association also is made up of more than 150 vendors that supply products and services to the mining industry. The companies that operate the mines include ArcelorMittal, Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., Steel Dynamics and U.S. Steel.

During normal economic conditions, Minnesota's iron mines directly contribute $1.9 billion to the economy of Minnesota every year in the form of purchases, wages and benefits, taxes, and royalties. Subsequent business impact induced as the result of iron mining is responsible for more than an additional $1.1 billion—making the total economic impact $3.0 billion on the state and region’s economy. The mines directly employ approximately 4,000 men and women, with more than 11,000 others employed by vendors.

Part of the direct impact to the economy includes taxes and royalties paid by the iron mining industry. Taxes payable in 2012 equaled $107.4 million. Distribution of those taxes included $49.1 million towards Minnesota’s education--$36.6 million to K-12 and $12.5 million to the University Trust Fund.

This effect on the economy is expected to increase with upgrades to existing mines and the addition of new iron mining initiatives.

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