Minnesota iron’s place in the green movement

Posted April 5, 2019

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to preserve the environment for future generations which has led people and companies to make “green” the buzz word of 2019. For most people, “being green” means that they are careful and conscientious of their daily choices. Minerals—where and how they are mined—are just as important to consider in these choices.

If you are part of the “green movement,” you’re on the right track by supporting Minnesota iron which is the primary source for steel production in the United States. Recent reports show that American manufacturers produce steel with 50 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than any other competing nation. American iron mines and steel mills regularly receive stewardship awards for producing the greenest steel in the world.

Don’t believe me? You can see for yourself by checking the world’s air pollution mapped in real time at www.waqi.info. On any given day you will see Minnesota’s air quality for all indicators listed as “good” while competing nations vary from “unhealthy” to “hazardous.”

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