Iron Mining Association

Should you consider becoming a member?

If you support Minnesota iron mining, you should be a member of the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota (IMA).

You can build relationships, gain a better understanding of the industry and the issues facing it, and help us advocate on behalf of the thousands of workers in Minnesota's mines and the businesses and individuals affected by the industry.

You can become a member of the IMA.

Membership Levels and Benefits

Membership dues guidelines are based on annual sales to the industry.

Membership dues support critical IMA activities:

  • Public affairs efforts to ensure that laws and regulations support or at a minimum don't impede the progress of the industry.
  • Public information efforts to raise awareness of the industry, its contributions to the state and nation and its challenges.
  • Educational partnerships with schools and higher education institutions to ensure that students learn about the industry, its contributions to society and potential employment opportunities.

Membership in the IMA offers significant benefit-above and beyond the support provided to a critical Minnesota industry. Members receive:

  • Updates from the IMA Office
  • Newsletters highlighting the industry and association members
  • An IMA Member Kit, which includes a listing of members and mine personnel
  • Your company website link on the IMA Web site
  • Invitations to tour iron mining operations to keep updated on current production practices
  • Invitations to member socials each year – which include a February Funspiel and Summer Golf Outing
  • Invitations to the Annual Meeting and Dinner in December 

Producer - those that mine iron ore Based on production levels
Sustaining - sales to the industry exceeding $3 million annually $3,700
Supporting - sales to the industry of $500,000 to $3 million a year $1,850
Contributing - sales to the industry of up to $500,000 a year $600
Associate - businesses/organizations that do not do business in the industry but would like to show support $300
Ambassador - individuals who do not work in the industry but would like to show support $100